Going Bold! Native Models pushing the boundaries

Here are my thoughts on this touchy subject. When I take a pic I think of the art, and what the pic will inspire or what the pic will lead to. Lately I've heard a LOT about how Native Women are no longer humble or traditional. Now first off i think, who are they to say that? is there anyone in charge to regulate how we natives live? I don't think so, the women I work with are ALL so very nice, very humble and VERY respectful of other people and when i see people ragging on them for their poses, or outfits I think its VERY unfair. This is what they chose to do and this is HOW they like to show art, show their creativity. Very few people I've worked with have actually gone past what is normally accepted as a photo….to them I show great respect and will defend them no matter what. They have the courage to step in front of a camera and leave their comfort zone just to show some amazing imagery. 

Alicia and Cedrica are TWO very bold models that I have had the pleasure of working with and I find it very awesome that they trust me to take their pic in such, revealing poses. I like them both and consider them very close friends. I shot with them in Chinle AZ, this was Ali's idea, a lingerie shoot and I admit I was nervous and very scared….so nervous my glasses would fog up and who could blame me? The shots we got were amazing and the fun we had was unforgettable. Thank you Ali & Ced =)

K is one amazing woman. A woman who is always up for something new and not afraid to get the shot. We shot in her previous home several times and each time was more risqué than the last. Laughing and joking I'm very surprised we got any shots. Again it is amazing how comfortable K is with me, comfortable enough to let me get these kind of shots. She has MANY more ideas and a lot of them are VERY bold. Each woman I have shot with that I am showing here are very respectful of Native traditions and beliefs….in fact they have taught me a lot about them. BUT they understand that in order to open minds, expand artistic boundaries some lines have to be crossed, they are they pioneers of native imagery.

Chandyll is one of the newest people I've worked with. Don't let that fool you in the short time we have worked together she has shown major courage and has shown she is up to the task of bringing edgy imagery to the Gnome INC. fans. A very nice, very polite and VERY shy woman, you wouldn't expect that from her pictures but she is, soft spoken and I don't think I've ever seen her mad. No matter the outfit or even the style Chandyll will do what it takes to get the shot. This image was taken in Mcgaffey NM and it shows her willingness to go beyond what normal native do. Even now she has made requests for very sexy VERY bold shoots. We have only known each other a few years BUT I have come to see her as a great friend, a wonderful woman and she will make a great mother, she is due to have her first baby in a few months, Congrats Chandyll =). I can't wait to work with you again. 

Milly S is unlike ANYONE I have ever met. She is one of the VERY FEW people who has actually risked health, risked her outfits JUST to get the shot. That kind of boldness is far beyond what I expected. This shot was taken near Black Rock in ft Defiance AZ. We had gotten a LOT of cool shots and I actually thought we were done BUT Milly was far from done. She took off her shoes, and start posing in the water, she wore this AMAZING white dress…SO beautiful and NOT many people would ever sit in a creek with such a wonderful garment…..BUT Milly understood the shot would be amazing the SHOT would have SO much to show….she was right. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Milly and I am actually kind of scared of what we may shoot next =)

Jacquelyn Tsosie….now where do I even begin. I met jacq a while back, I met her thru Glacsy (MISS YOU GLACSY) and our first shoot was fun, BUT I had no idea what I was in store for. I had seen Jackies pics before and a LOT were very bold to begin with and thats what drew me to her, her amazing talent to actually show what a native model does, i was mesmerized and then…..we shot….It was in Cornfields at the house of Tionne. Tionne had several outfits she wanted to show off and a lot were very sexy, very revealing….during this shoot I took over 2k photos and my hand cramped up….but this shoot I seen HOW amazing Jackie is, they way she moves and poses, her facial expressions and her awesome ability to strike a pose JUST when I need it. In fact we often joke she moves faster than I can shoot. To her she knew what Tionne wanted and she delivered in spades, each shot was SEXY when it needed to be, CUTE when it needed to be. She is a pro if ever I've seen one. WE shot this in Farmington…and I must say this was the ONLY shoot….i was genuinely  shaking from being nervous, I mean to see a native model, in underwear and tshirt will make the strongest person falter. Even now seeing the pic I get nervous….BUT this shot…was WHAT its suppose to be Sexy….Showing w MODERN native woman being sexy…Jackie is one of the MOST HUMBLE…most giving and most respectful people I have ever met, Soft spoken and a little geeky. Timid to a fault BUT once that camera is pointing at she flips the pro switch and delivers the shot…..each time. Work with her and you won't be disappointed. Thank you Jack 

There are MANY more Native Models who are going bolder and pushing the boundaries of whats acceptable these days and i applaud them. They do what makes them happy, maybe instead of criticizing them, you should try to find what makes YOU happy…take a look at yourself before you decide to judge another human being, If you do not like the shots I have taken, simply do not look. Respect other people and PLEASE..respect each woman I have worked with, they are amazing people and amazing friends…….. =)