Gnome INC Photography began back in 2009 when we needed some professional looking photos for some tshirts ads that we were doing. Back then we used two model who did VERY well and helped Gnome INC a lot. Alicia D from Chinle and Raetanya T from Albuqeruque modeled two tshirts for us and ever since those first photoshoots Gnome INC has grown and gotten a lot better as well as lot more artistic with photography.

The very first camera we used was a Kodak easy share camera. Now this was very hi-tech to us back then and the images came out so amazing. It may be small and not have the awesome look of a dslr BUT don't let that fool you it has immense potential and the images you can get with it are just as good if not better than a modern dslr. The resolution is very good, good for print and great for web. If you have one keep it and if you come across one just remember it is such a great camera to have, I highly recommend it. Below to the right are two examples of this camera. Amazing colors and great resolution come from this camera. Very cheap and lightweight it is a great camera for beginners or even just a backup camera.

Kodak Easy Share Camera

I worked over 10 years with newspaper photographers as well as attended many classes and training courses on photography but most of what I know I have learned through trial and error. Since that first camera I have gone thru and bought many cameras hoping to progress my skills further as a professional photographer. From my second camera a fujifilm finepix, to a Canon Rebel XS to my most recent DSLR the Nikon D7000, I have learned much from each camera I have owned. With these new digital cameras I must acknowledge the old school like 35mm film. I have had 3 355mm film cameras and these have fought me a LOT about light, ISO, exposures....etc. I have a Canon AE-1, a Ricoh KR-5, a Minolta 50000i and most recently a NIkin FE. all 35mm film cameras.

With all these cameras I also have a large selection of lenses, forms stock zoom lenses to several prime lenses. I also use a LOT of filters from UV to Infrared to simple auxiliary lenses, ALL of which help immensely in getting that perfect shot. I may sell my old equipment on this page just to keep my inventory small and help out any beginner photographers as much as I can. If you have any questions on photography please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to share what I have learned over these many years.